“It ́s a reminder to maintain individuality in a world that is driven by expectations, patterns and norms. Things that don’t add value to the culture. Things that are based on separation to constantly determine your ideals.”

Enaka is a German based brand founded around some beautiful ideals. First launched in 2012 the brand was birthed in memory of Grace Enaka Bessong Tambe who is the late mother of Richmond Bessong one of the founders of the brand along side Kevin Spalek. They made a promise to hone the brands direction for what they wanted it to become and withhold forever more, as Enaka was a confident women, but because of the looks and comments of others, she no longer felt comfortable in her own skin. She started to question herself and insisted on having surgery to match society’s “concept of beauty“. Enaka wants to express perspective using the method of creating something with meaning and encouragement and every piece they put out becomes their platform for this message that the brand is living on. “It’s the codes of self-realization. The codes of who you are. A reset of mentality. An abstract concept that communicates from the inside out.“

Enakas products are designed and developed in their German studio, then they are hand made in turkey under their keen supervision to ensure they produce the highest quality manufacturing and uphold their specified fabrication, texture, proportion, fit, silhouette and color expectations. They take pride in their hand-to-hand process and go as far as to put in the effort to hand pack every order before dispatching them from their German head quarters. Richmond and Kevin keep the details of their process in house including the steps of deigning, sampling, fitting, marketing photo and video production again to keep the ethics and brand message in-line with the promise they made at the very beginning of Enaka’s journey.




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