Think Positive Jewellery by Antonio Marsocci


THRDS introduces new menswear jewellery brand, Think Positive by Antonio Marsocci, the founder and creator of the brand has crafted and designed luxury sterling silver jewellery. The exquisite range is made in Italy and comes in a varied selection of necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks.

Marsocci believes that by wearing the jewellery he has created it will inject a ‘think positive’ mentality to everyday life. The brand aims to inspire its customers to adopt a positive thinking philosophy in order to achieve their goals. The selection of jewellery comes in array of designs and colours making the ideal gift for any special occasion. Pieces such as sterling silver bracelets or keepsake cuff links are perfect gift ideas as their carefully crafted products make them a timeless gift for the significant other.

Since their launch in 2011 Think Positive constantly adds new pieces of luxury sterling silver to their online inventory on a monthly basis. Marsocci says “sterling silver is the most pure and simple precious material whose beauty, like life, increases with age.”

Purchase the ideal gift and be inspired by Marsocci’s message, please visit the all-new Think Positive website here:




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