EKOCYCLE x Coca-Cola

Brand Spotlight

Creative Director Adam Derry from Ekocycle speaks to THRDS about the exclusive collaboration between will.i.am and coca-cola. The brands’ initiative supports recycling, by helping consumers recognise that the items they consider waste today, may be a part of a lifestyle product they can use tomorrow. With a dedication to supporting a more sustainable environment, the EKOCYCLE brand initiative will identify products, such as assorted plastic bottles and aluminium cans, that can be repurposed into recycled content for fashionable and valuable lifestyle products, that are being sold exclusively in Harrods. Many brands including MCM, H-Brothers, Adidas, Ecoalf  and Globe Trotter to name a few, have joined forces with the initiative.

If you head to our Styled by section, our new editorial Regenerate features pieces from the collaborations.

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