With her poise, confidence and merciless energy; it’s no wonder this rebellious force is taking the underground music scene by storm with her experimental electronic sound. Hailing from North London, Gabi’el talks how influential the UK scene is right now and focuses on the importance of how “dope” small brands are at the moment. Sporting looks courtesy of Pretty little thing, G-star and Forever 21, It was her cutting edge style intrigued us and harmonious vocals that kept us and if you don’t know, get to know Gabi’el.


Hey Gabi’el welcome to THRDS. How’s it going?

I’m good thank you. 

The way you sing tells us that singing is something that’s always been apart of you… when did you start writing and coming into your own space?

To be honest I actually wrote a song when I was 4, it wasn’t necessarily good but I’ve always been creating and writing. I got into music and writing properly from when I was around 14.

What are your thoughts on the UK music industry right now?

I think the UK music industry is booming, a lot of people have their eyes on the UK industry and I feel like we are influencing quite a bit.

Where did the title ‘Code Of Misconduct’ come from? What inspired it?

I think everyone feels like they get boxed in a lot, it’s almost become a cliché, I know that sounds really weird; but I think everyone wants to break out a little bit. So “Code Of Misconduct” is just me, I don’t like playing by the rules as is so I was just like cool forget the code of conduct we’re going for the code of misconduct, that’s how we are gonna roll with it.



Do you feel that personal experience plays a big part in your creation process?

Yeah I do, personal experience peoples experiences with me, what I see, what’s going on around the world.

Where do your influences on style come from?

I’ve never been able to get the things everyone had, I was far from rich, I couldn’t get the fresh Adidas that everyone had, so I was getting second hand clothes from my parents friends. I’d always get whatever I was given or everything on sale, so I just created my own thing from that so I was forced to do things my way

What kind of brand would you say reflect your style?

It’s bad I really don’t look into brands too tough, I kind of find little bits in random places and think ooo that’s cool that’s nice. I don’t really look up to brands per say, just items and pieces I might even find them in markets, I’m about quality and not all brands have great quality, don’t get me wrong some do but it’s important to me. There are a lot of dope brands though and smaller labels that are great.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is weird. The thing is I’ve got the really left alternative R’n’B, sing super high thing going on then I’ve got the ratchet I like to dance vibe, because I’m originally a dancer as well so I make music that people will dance to, so it’s a mix of those. Maybe I’d call it electronic, alternative I could say a few thing but we’ll keep it to electronic, I fee like that makes sense.


Who would you say you look up to in the modern music industry?

Is it bad if I don’t look up to anyone? I mean there’s a few people that are like damn you’re doing your thing but I wouldn’t say I look up to them, because I think everyone has got their own individual thing going on, but I respect what a lot of people are doing and I think its great.

Do you have anyone around you that you find yourself bouncing off of when making music?

Oh yeah, friends definitely, when I’m working with the producers I work with, especially my friend Herman, he’s dope we literally go all out. Literally anyone I work with when we get into the studio we just bounce if the vibe is right, if the vibe isn’t right then I suppose we aren’t supposed to work together but I haven’t had a bad experience with anyone.

Do you find yourself involved much in the production side of your songs?

Yeah I’ve been producing recently, I wouldn’t say I’m great at it but you might hear a little something soon! I’ve got my little set up at home so I’m trying.

What are some of your hidden talents people might not know about?

Do I have a hidden talent? We could say dance!

When you’re in the studio do you have any rituals or anything that put you in the right mood to hit a track exactly how you want?

No, I just need to make sure I’ve eaten before I go in or ill get grumpy, I mean I could make a ‘hangry’ song but I need that food power. FOOD!



Who do you see you see yourself working with in the near or distant future?

This is a difficult one… who do I see myself working with, I had people in mind but I’m not sure any more. I’d like to just work with some great producers, I used to want to work with Timbaland, I still do, he’s beats are just legendary. There are so many amazing people, I’d like to with them all so I don’t even know where to look but when it comes it comes.

 What about another artist would interest you into wanting to work with them?

Same thing, if you’re amazing and have the right vibe we can click I don’t like forcing work. You know you might feel someone’s perfect for something but I like to keep it natural if you’re in the studio and its popping lets make it happen.

What can we look forward to seeing/hearing from you soon?

Well, look out for some gigs you’ll see them on my social media. There’s also a second part to code of misconduct coming out soon, it’s ready.


You can keep up to date with Gabi’el’s latest music here.

Photography by Michael Stuart-Daley
Styled by Quinton Faulkner
Grooming by Indigooxo 
Words by Tevin Marquis




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