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Our weekly “Style Guide” for the latest trends!

Each week we will be styling our THRDS presenter Mr. Jay London in four unique ways, to showcase variations of how a key item of the season can be worn. This feature is our humble way of providing our readers with different style suggestions. We hope to guide and assist you with making good fashion choices, and show how to wear your favourite pieces.


The idea of wearing a tracksuit, in any other surrounding than the gym or in the comfort of your home, seems to stir quite a debate. In wanting to push the envelope wide open, as we are all freezing and looking for the most stylish ways to remain warm, we’ve investigated whether or not we could push the negative connotations of a tracksuit into a trendy new direction, by challenging ourselves in finding the best solutions for our 4 style ways.

the styles

Sartorial –  This was definitely a challenge, as we felt this gentleman would be at the forefront of tracksuits being grotesque to the outside eye, however, we feel that thanks to Atelier Scotch & Soda combining tweed into a sporty look, we found a perfect solution. This 2 piece is not only dapper, but comfortable and most importantly warm. Overall, we’ve kept the look smart, adding a shirt from Our Legacy and we’ve chosen some sneakers from Ransom.

Trendy – Our Legacy created the perfect solution with their soft navy twill relaxed trouser, which, to our luck, has a matching blazer. This combination of a t-shirt from Publish with shoes from River Island, proves that being comfortable can transcend into being on trend as well. We also added a of hint colour with the watch from Triwa.

Casual – It’s very easy to go to your local sports shop and get a plain coloured tracksuit, however, if you want to truly be able to feel comfortable without justification, we advise that like us, you dabble in combination. With that in mind, we broke out of the square and placed a grey supremebeing jumper with that of red coloured tracksuit bottoms from Publish, creating a vibrant visual twist and we’ve added an Etonic trainer, just to keep people guessing.

Hipster – Kings of sports luxe ADYN can guarantee that you look dope, whilst in the comforts of a tracksuit. This is such a statement piece that we’ve kept it simple by adding a long vest from AKA and shoes from Swear.

However if you have your own style opinion on ‘HOW TO STYLE’  a tracksuit,  please Tweet us a photo of your full outfit choice. 




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