Bulgakov Boy 

Styled by



Deepg4 Deepg5


Photography by Silvia Dee

Cover Image & Credits Jumper from East End Vintage, Trousers from Terrence Higgins Trust Soho, Socks from COS and Shoes from Hudson.

Notes: Two strip colour story of modern revolution clothes, the colour finish is a reflection of technicolor film in early 20th century. Our shoot revolts around the revolution in Russia as Bulgakov was a proletarian, (is a social revolution in which the working class attempts to overthrow the bourgeoisie.) These revolutions are generally advocated by socialists, communists and most anarchists. So in wanting to express this ideal to our viewers, we’ve made the styling emulate that of the working class.

A lot of fashion is bouncing back and forth from runway to streets and streetwear is often more interesting than some of catwalk pieces, hence why we have mixed that of the old vintage pieces with new, to create authenticity. 

Styled by: Neesha Champaneria




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