A leather Jacket


Our weekly “Style Guide” for the latest trends!

Each week we will be styling our THRDS presenter Mr. Jay London in four unique ways, to showcase variations of how a key item of the season can be worn. This feature is our humble way of providing our readers with different style suggestions. We hope to guide and assist you with making good fashion choices, and show how to wear your favourite pieces.


Whether it’s thanks to the likes of Marlon Brando or Grease’s T-Birds, a leather jacket oozes the ultimate “Cool” vibe. So finding the perfect style, fit, and shape is just as important, as where you sit at lunch in this school of style. So for this feature we looked at new designers on the block – Elevate , whose leather jacket is a favourite for this season.

the styles

Sartorial – Who said that the dapper gent doesn’t know how to rough it up? Well, we surely don’t think that’s the case. With this look, we made the leather jacket a fun add-on layer, to that of a smart look of a Ben Sherman Shirt, Topman tie and we went for some burgundy paisley print Penguin pants.

Trendy – My leather jacket changed my life” – our trendy looks are always our most experimental ones, knowing that our trendy inspirators are always taking risks with their looks. We combined two statement pieces – the leather jacket, with that of sound funky print IUTER trousers. When you have contrasting key pieces, it’s best to go for a colour that is complementing in the middle, hence, keeping it smart and white in the middle with a Topman shirt and black vibram shoes.

Casual – Our sartorial and trendy leather jacket looks took a very trend focused style direction. However, with our casual look, we wanted to show that a leather jacket is a staple piece for any wardrobe, and can make a perfect jacket option as winter strolls in. Even though it can be considered a statement piece, one can be worn casually. So by layering it on top of an Edwin jumper, with AnerkJendt jeans, we create a comfortable look to keep you warm this winter, with a great pair of sneakers from Pointer.

Hipster – Looking to the streets for inspiration,  we’ve seen a lot of  ” black on black” looks as of late. So this is our take on the trend, we’ve kept it premium with a jumper from AKA, streetwear namesakers ADYN pants and classic Pumas.




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