Thin, thick, patterned or plain all depends on where you are and how you feel! Layered with a shirt for a smart casual embrace or thrown over a hoody to give of a trendy street style look. We all have one and we all need one, that’s why THRDS Picks gives you four crew neck sweaters for different occasions. An all round essential for added personality in almost any situation. They’ve become such a popular addition to everyday looks with a widespread variety of fits, designs and materials making them a easy go to item for your OOTD.



1.Polo Ralph Lauren Athletic Fleece

2.Levi’s Made & Crafted

3.Scotch & Soda ‘Shiny Happy Moonshine’

4.HYMN Kent Speckled

So which of our four crews necks were your favourite? Share your thoughts with us on how you would wear them, and don’t forget to check out our feature THRDS PICKS for further style tips.

Written & Pieced by Tevin Marquis




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