Customized ripped Jeans


Our weekly “Style Guide” for the latest trends!

Each week we will be styling our THRDS presenter Mr. Jay London in four unique ways, to showcase variations of how a key item of the season can be worn. This feature is our humble way of providing our readers with different style suggestions. We hope to guide and assist you with making good fashion choices, and show how to wear your favourite pieces.

Ripped Jeans

Jay London is known for liking his #CheapThrills, so he took it upon himself to create his own ripped jeans. Taking a pair of black skinny legs that he purchased from H&M, he went and experimented. So this week, we see a pair of DIY jeans work themselves into the prestigious feature.

the styles

Sartorial – We are in love with this Universal Works jacket, it’s just striking in colour. In many of our looks for the sartorial man, we take a dapper business attire approach, however every man has his down time, and we feel that, again, ripped jeans could be worn during this time. Here, we’ve made the jacket our show stopper, so the eyes are drawn away from the rips to that of the jacket. We’ve chosen a smart shirt from Gymphlex and cool simple watch from Hyper Grand.

Trendy – Again, we’ve drawn the attention away from the rips with the trendy look. Choosing a patterned shirt from Elvine  and covering it with a Marshall Artist jacket, we’ve created a handsome look, that would be perfect for the roast to the beer with the boys. In keeping the look  adaptable, we’ve gone for trainers from Ransom.

Casual – ‘Comfy’ is the optimal word when it comes to describing this look. A cosy jumper from Elvine teamed with Nike Trainers.

Hipster – We’ve done it! We’ve gone all Kayne and hip-hop fashionista with this look! Allow it, you know it’s a trend that has yet to simmer, so we’ve gone in! We’ve got a Supply & Demand hoodie and teamed it with… no, not Air Yeezy’s. The THRDS man isn’t that predictable, so we took an alternative twist by adding Palladiums.

However if you have your own style opinion on ‘HOW TO STYLE’  customised jeans or like Jay have customised your own, please Tweet us a photo of your full outfit choice.




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