The denim jacket an accessory or centrepiece of a look? Denim Jackets have come in and out of fashion continuously, fashion is merely recycled after all. Created by Levi’s own founder Levi Strauss in 1880. Initially a look for cowboys and railroad boys a western look. Not a look that everybody was fond of, however one generations fashion trash is another generations fashion treasure. In the 1980’s the denim jacket was made fashionable alongside leather biker jackets and the denim slim fit jeans with high top sneakers. THRDS picks gives you four denim jackets for your choosing this spring as the denim look is back in 2017. Denim on denim, be fearless… complete your look with the finishing touch of a denim jacket. Whether you’re going for a night out in soho or just a picnic in the park as a day trip with your friends you can’t go wrong with a durable ‘shrink to fit’ material that allows your skin to breathe.


1. Levi’s The Trucker Blue Rinse
2. Jigsaw Japanese Selvedge Stonewash
3. SAINT LAURENT Embroidered
4. Tom Ford Slim-Fit Selvedge

So which of our four jackets were your favourite? Share your thoughts with us on how you would wear them, and don’t forget to check out our feature THRDS PICKS for further style tips.

Written by Serena Cecilia
Pieced by Tevin Marquis




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