Dover Street Market – NEW BEGINNINGS


There are two things I’ve always found to be catching my breathe and speeding my heart rate in a state of complete awe: individuals who create newness and push forward the unlimited boundaries of design, and those who find and nurture the raw talent and curiosity the former bring to the world. Especially now, in the wake of the significant news that the inspirational and vivid supporter of new talent Sarah Roussaux’s Colette concept store will be closing down after 20 years, it transpires how important those people are.

They take risks and provide support systems to the new design and art talent out there, without them our cities will be duller and our lives less vibrant. It is vital to celebrate every new start and new talent rushing out to mark their beginning. One place that continues to do that is Dover Street Market London. Revamped for their AW17 relaunch, the DSM team have welcomed a plethora of new designers and brands cementing yet again their unwavering blood line support to those who do new. Here is a peek behind the windows.



the row

Words by Irena Bozhilova

Photography courtesy of Dover St. Market




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