Layering is such a big trend right now and has been for a while! It works on so many levels, why wouldn’t you want to hit this trend. When you start a layered out fit there’s one essential item that will completely determine what you add to the mix! The perfect Tee can be the strongest base and centre focus of a layered fit! So THRDS Picks has found four ‘Easy Layer Me Tee’s’ to inspire your warmest winter wear. With so many styles of t-shirts out there you can get a bit lost and stuck, so we’ve kept it simple and clean with colour being the main focus!


1.Carhartt WIP Diamond 2.Fred Perry Fine Stripe

3.Barbour Marsh Crew Neck

4.BOSS Orange Tommi

So which of our four t-shirts were your favourite? Share your thoughts with us on how you would wear them, and don’t forget to check out our feature THRDS PICKS for further style tips.

Written & Pieced by Tevin Marquis




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