THRDS met up with Eden on the promo day for his debut album VERTIGO. We had the opportunity to walk and talk through Londons notoriously amazing  Shoreditch area with the “SEX” singer and learn more about his origins. It was an amazing experience shooting and creating some beautiful imagery with Eden, learning about his musical processes and inspirations. Have a read of the full interview below.

Hey Eden, How is it going? How are you today?

Hey! I’m not too bad really just enjoying the day, thanks.

How did you find the shoot with Brunel today?

It was pretty cool, really chilled.

I’ve been itching to ask for a while now. What is the story behind the name Eden? And what led to the change from the Eden Project?

It’s not really that interesting to be honest. It started in school when I was playing in bands with my mates, I’m kind of a control freak so I wanted to create a new band so that I could invite people to be in it and boss them around. I set up a Facebook page called The Eden Project. I didn’t really know what sort of music we were going to make but I wanted to form this space where I could create what I wanted freely. Then in 2012 there was this explosion in dance music where people were making full songs without a band (for example Skrillex.) I decided to dive heavily into production and just kept the name.

The Eden Project was always something temporary for me, I knew it wasn’t going to be a long term thing. So it was only a matter of time before I changed it to Eden.

Was it a difficult transition? How did the fans react to the change?

The transition was an easy one. I had reached a point where I felt I was happy with what I was doing and the direction I was heading. So it was only natural to make the transition. The fans reacted great and were very supportive, I was expecting a cold period after the switch over (from The Eden Project to Eden) but that didn’t happen. Honestly, my fans have been so supportive and open minded that it really helps with the ability to make music freely and not feel constricted.

When did you start writing and producing music? Did any life experiences trigger your decision?

I started writing songs around seven or eight years old. I would take an Eminem song and replace all the words while maintaining the same flow. As I started learning how to play instruments like the guitar, violin etc I began to write my own songs. I’m not a rapper or anything I would mainly just write Pop songs which were really cheesy but all part of the learning curve I guess.


Some of your fans may say your music is more focused around the Indie Pop style while others say it’s more Electronic. How would you describe your sound?

I don’t know man, I always say Pop but Pop doesn’t really mean anything because in the 1920’s it was Jazz. Pop in the 80’s was Heavy Metal and Pop now in the UK is essentially Grime.

If we went back 5 or 6 years and told your former self that on the 19th January 2018 you would be releasing your debut album. What would’ve been your reaction?

I think I would’ve either have been like “why did it take so long?” or “wow, that’s sick! I didn’t expect to do it that quickly.” Before I started properly producing I loved the thought of albums; making and selling albums. As I started producing, I started to feel that I wanted to save my first album for when I was truly ready. I wanted to be confident in my work and have no regrets.

From producing music in your bedroom to performing live shows in front of thousands of fans, how have you adjusted to the spot light? Are there any moments where it gets a bit too much? Or that you wish you could be unknown?

Yeah, there are moments where it can get a bit too much and I do wish that I could be unknown. For example, touring, I didn’t build a fan base from touring as I’m not one those bands that plays a ton of shows. I was always happy to make music in my bedroom and never do shows. So when I started touring it was really fun but also really stressful. It definitely took a long adjustment period just to get my feet back on the ground. It’s HECTIC when you’re living on the road from one show to the next.

What’s your favourite part about being a musician?

Simple. It’s the music man, it’s having the ability to create things. Building this album, writing and producing the songs has been the best thing ever, even better than the shows. I would do this all day, every day even if no one listened to it.

Your debut album is called VERTIGO. What was the thought process behind choosing this for the album title?

I don’t know, that’s a really weird one because when I first started thinking about the album it was always called VERTIGO. It just felt right at the time I didn’t really sit down and brainstorm it. I guess the album has a lot of disorientation in it, not sonically but as in the lyric content and personally. As I said before, it just felt right and that’s what I wanted the album to be… something that just felt right.

What’s your favourite song from the album?

Ahh that’s like picking your favourite kid. I guess it depends on the mood I’m in, at different times I listen to different songs but I love them all.

If you’re not making music, what do you get up to?

I love cinema, movies, playing FIFA and photography. I love shooting film it just has that look which is very difficult to replicate on digital. I am kind of hooked right now on this game called Battleground, it’s sort of like the Hunger Games. My little brother has it on his PC so I’ve slowly gotten into it too. The game is such an adrenaline rush, its crazy!

Judging by the visuals in your music videos are you a fan of Stranger Things?

I love Stranger Things, I’m not a big fan but I do love it especially the first season. The second season was still good but it wasn’t up there for me like the first. If the first season was a 10/10 then the second season would be a 8/10.

When buying new clothes or getting ready to go out do you look for comfort or style at the cost of comfort?

I would definitely choose comfort. Thankfully, I don’t think men’s clothing are uncomfortable but I do feel formal wear with shoes etc could be made more comfortable.

What are some of your favourite brands right now?

Hmm, I don’t usually buy hyper expensive clothes but I really like the new Gucci line, they’re so cool, probably my favourite designers right now. I love their new sneaker collection and sweaters. I’m also messing around with Converse a lot now too, I used to hardly wear them but now I can’t get enough of them.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing?

Sweaters, I’m really into sweaters. I have a really nice Gucci one but I usually just float around shops and look for any that I’d like.

What’s the next step from VERTIGO?

The next step is being on tour, I’ll be playing in London in April and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a world tour so you know it’s going to be wild.

Photography by Brunel Johnson
Interview by Brunel Johnson




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