Kaleem Taylor came to THRDS for a quick chat and let us know about his latest project, Drake and what makes him prefer the sound and style of acoustic music to others. Being a R’n’B/Soul singer really plays into his chilled persona and overall vibe. Kaleem tells us a bit about where his original musical influences stemmed from and what effects being a UK artist has had on his progress or if it has had any at all. In the shoot we see a montage of reds, oranges and browns coming from brans such as Kappa, Nike, Hi-tec and Scotch & Soda. Have a look at the interview and images below:


Hey, how are you?

Im great thanks, how are you?

I’m good thanks, how was the shoot today?

I like the energy. Today was fun, you guys made it easy for me. Good music and good vibes.

What did you think of the looks?

Really cool looks, thanks to the guys for making me look half decent lol. 

What have you been up to lately?

Well for a while now I’ve been working on my project, which is now finished, so I’m really just looking forward to getting it out and showing people whats been on my mind.

Do you feel like being from the UK has put you at an advantage or disadvantage in the music industry and why?

Neither. I feel that if the music is good and you’re putting in work it’ll reach the people that matter.


How do you feel about the way artists like Drake a giving reception to UK music?

Its a good look because of who he is, it can reach out to his fanbase and beyond, but I don’t believe it should take someone from the outside looking in to determine to us over here whether we mess with them or not.

What draws you into the acoustic sounds that we hear from you?

I just feel that when its acoustic its a bit more raw and intimate and I love that, its kinda like true freedom of expression.

Have you always been a soul // R’n’B singer or did you go through other genres to get to where are?

Yeah always Soul and R&B. I grew up listening to Anita BakerStevie Wonder, D’angelo and lots more so I ended up here. I’ve done other genres but I always keep my vibe.

Which do you prefer: performing to a live audience or having a chilled “jam session” in the studio?

For me its hard to beat the feeling of performing live. Its pure, honest, real and in the moment. I guess you can say the same about just jamming but to be sharing that with a crowd is a different feeling.

How would you explain your style in 3 words?

Somewhere I understand.


If we were to make a playlist what would be the first 3 songs you’d put on it?

The Internet – Dontcha | James Blake – Timeless | Frank Ocean – Monks 

What advice would you give to new musicians?

You’re the best at being you, nobody can be you better than you so just do that.

What can we expect to hear from you soon?

You can expect to hear some new music from me real soon. Real soon.

Thanks for coming down, its been a great day.

Thank you guys for having me, its been fun. I wish you let me keep that red jacket though.

Photography by Cali Lew
Video by O’Shaya
Stylist assistant Pedro Junior Park
Grooming by Georgina Sreeves
Interview by Tevin Marquis




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