THRDS are always excited to meet new talent and discuss their creative process and journey so far. We recently had a little chat with Derby’s very own Nathan Dalton, a homegrown producer who is on a strong rise, pumping out some authentic old school garage vibes. With work alongside DJOKO and more in the motion with Endor. Nathan constantly has projects on the rise with new innovation from his PholoUk addition. THRDS are happy  to have met such a innovative and authentic artist for todays feature! See how it went below:


Hi thanks for talking with us at THRDS today. How are you?

I’m cool, I’m cool!

Your sound has really caught a hold on us and I think that’s because of the old school feel it gives off, is that what you try to achieve?

Yeah definitely, a lot of my old sounds are inspiration from my Dad, also UK Garage, Old School Hardcore, Some Jungle and everything like that.

How would you describe your sound?

I’d have to describe it as raw, because it’s almost minimalistic but also has all this character to it, there’s so much music out there that’s just a gimmick of old school music but no one is actually making old school raw music which is what I like to achieve, but that’s just me.

Would you say Starting at such a young age and having the older influences around you brought you to the sound you have now, or do you feel you’ve grown into your own sound away from that?

That is such a good question, when I started I was almost copying things I liked, which I definitely regret, because that’s not who I am now. As I’ve grown, the music I make let’s people know its me, I want people to know that its Nathan Dalton without even hearing the artist of the track, so yeah definitely. I’m at a point where I am happy with what I make


Now, everyone has a way of getting their creative process flowing, what do you do before you create one of these top-notch tracks?

If I’m making a track, I like to have a vibe; sit down and just do it, I don’t like waiting around to get something done, so the best tracks I’ve made have all been done in less than 4 or 3 hours, there have been tracks I’ve sat on for years and I like them but I’m too much of a perfectionist to finish them because that vibe isn’t there anymore.

As we are a fashion and lifestyle platform, we’d like to know what kind of brands you are wearing or feeling at the moment?

My favourite question! A lot of Versace, Louis Vuitton, Ed Hardy also I recently bought a Prada bag which is my favourite item at the moment. There is also a brand called Dettok that are really hard to get in contact with, they actually send a lot of clothes out to artist though, but yeah, I really like them. One of my friends has a brand called Cole Buxton, he’s got some really nice hoodies, he does gym wear and stuff like that, but I just wear to what I like I’m my own style.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re away from the studio?

When I am away from the studio, I go to see my girlfriend, i’ll go to the bar, I like to shop, stuff like that oh and I love the Arcade in Nottingham.

If you had to collaborate with 3 people around the world dead or alive,who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson… actually no I wouldn’t, I be way to intimidated! I’d collab with burga boy. I’d collab with Gucci. Right last one has to be a special one, I’d say Goldie.


Does Derby have a massive seen! What is the music culture there like?

No, see derby is very robotic; they like to do what the next person is doing. It takes a lot to inspire people in my area; so when they do get inspired they do big things but if they aren’t then they are not, simple.

Do you feel like producers are still on the rise or do you think the phase has passed since artists like Disclosure, rudimental and naughty boy etc?

I think producers now, if they are in their bedroom on their laptop, they can be at the top already, because everyday people now are making better music than the people in the industry. So yeah music production is just getting better and better, it’s on the rise. I feel like you have to understand the music though and be open-minded.

Thanks for the chat Nathan, we look forward to everything you having coming in the future!

Don’t forget to check out ND on soundcloud and for more interviews with up and coming artists visit our NOTEWORTHY feature.

Have a look at our Brand Spotlight with Cole Buxton, worn by NathanDalton above.

Interviewed and pieced by Tevin Marquis
Photography by Ray fiasco
Studio: THRDS Studio




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