This week THRDS have brought you the best in the books for ON THE RADAR, we’ll be giving a detailed insight to a few products that have been styled together for a look that every man should have in his wardrobe.  THRDS have pieced this look together especially for your autumn commutes, casual days out with friends and those cold evening food hunts. This look has been brought together with the functional “fashionistas” in mind; it has high functionality and enough colour and style to keep it interesting. We have two great brands in this look; Luke sport has given us this grey bobble beanie, perfect for the cold whether and compliments the outfits colour scheme perfectly. Luke has also given us the sports bag again following this looks strong colour theme with grey, white, black and some hints of red. Extremely functional and stylish, its shape and build lets it stay firm, visible and visually pleasing by holding its form. Lastly we have the beautiful jacket by Alpha to complete the look; it has an amazingly high quality feel, with great materials and an amazing silhouette showing the perfect bomber look.

What did you think of this weeks look? Share your thoughts with us on how else you’d style “Autumn Ready” and don’t forget to check out our other TRENDS features for further style tips.

Photography and word by Tevin Marquis
Brands featured Luke 1977 and Alpha




This week THRDS have brought you the best in the books for ON THE RADAR, we’ll be giving a detailed insight to...


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