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THRDS speak to the beautiful and raw talent that is Sonna Rele.  This songstress explains her views on the stark contrast between the LA and London music scene as well as the inspiration beyond her infamous Music Mondays beginnings. Talks about being an inspirations and her extensive list of interests outside of music. Sonna gives us a good insight into her likes, life, style, routines and much more. She constantly has new music and new amazing covers coming out weekly over on her YouTube channel, if you want to keep updated with Sonna Rele’s content find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Hey Sonna, how did you wake up this morning?

A complete mess. Hair tied up in a bun, long T-shirt and smudged eyeliner from last night.

You recently just came back from LA right? How does it feel being back in London?

Great. I missed the miserable cold windy weather. I ended up writing for some amazing upcoming DJ’s alongside putting together my EP. I’ve been rehearsing for all of my upcoming lives shows. I really enjoy putting together the structure of how the shows will be, using loop pedals, strings sections, lighting. I’m excited!

You spend a lot of time there. What do you feel the states offers that the UK is missing?

I think LA is the heart of the entertainment world. Everyone is always ready for lights, camera, action. The UK focuses more on fusion. All types of music is merged together and in the states music is categorised. Visually America looks glossier unlike here in the U.K where it’s a lot raw. The balance between both is what I love to see.

Who are you listening to right now?

The Internet, SZA, Kendrick, The Unforgettable track by French Montana!


Is there anything that we can teach Americans?

How to make tea.

There is so much emotion in your songs. What are the most important things for you to consider when song writing and creating music?

How people can relate to it. I don’t write music just for me. I write to evoke an emotion out of people that hear exactly what they find hard to say in person.

You have the most amazing supporters, do you sometimes feel pressured or responsible as a female role model?

Not really. I feel honoured to have such an amazing platform to share my creativity. I started my social media journey with a little thing called “Music Monday” fans would tune in and watch me perform a cover or an original song either on piano or guitar. My fan base grew drastically. I had messages from fans saying I cheered them up every Monday and that was enough ammunition to keep going.

What was the last piece of clothing you bought?

The last thing I bought was a long T-shirt from Topshop, I found it in the men’s section.


How have you found working THRDS today?

I had so much fun. I feel like I’ve known everyone here for years. It was effortless, it didn’t feel like work at all.

What are some of your favourite things to do outside of music?

You can find me hiking, biking, swimming, reading, sky diving or cooking.

What can we expect from you this year?

I have an EP for this year, a tour and whatever other opportunities are thrown my way.

Leave me with something about you that we don’t already know 

I’m addicted to chocolate. It’s a condition. I need it when I wake up and again before bed without fail.

Thanks for coming down, we had a great time.

Photography by Andre H. Modeste
Styled by Symone Keisha
Words by Symone Keisha




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