Essential or accessory? Over the years different subcultures in fashion have gone through phases and trends with belts from leather, fabric, thick thin or colourful! In todays trend set we see slim belts all around and textures being used in amazing ways! However the question sits whether a belt is just and accessory or is valued as a functional addition, the slim fit clothes and baggy impressions suggest that they aren’t really being used for functionality but still hold reign as a eye catching nod to the right look. So this week on THRDS Picks we are styling you with 4 bold belts that can take you through the summer with the right vibes and the right style!


1.Ted Baker Crafti Smart Leather Reversible
2.Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Weave
3.Thomas Pink Suede

4.Reiss Bridge Plaited Suede

So which of our four belts were your favourite? Share your thoughts with us on how you would wear them, and don’t forget to check out our feature THRDS PICKS for further style tips.

Pieced and written by Tevin Marquis




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