The summer sun is creeping through the curtains, looking very promising for some warm and beautiful months ahead! As much as we all appreciate the bright weather you always need some eye protection because lets face it, we see too many people with squinty faces looking bit crazy when the glare gets in their eyes… plus whether you’re on holiday, relaxing in your garden or on your commute to work a clean pair of shades along with your summer outfits are always the best choice! On that note THRDS Picks has found four square faced glasses to keep you sleek, stylish and trendy! With lifestyle fashion becoming bolder everyday, the square faced glasses we’ve chosen are ideal to add some pop to your look and take you into a more daring area without overstepping your comfort zone.


1.Ray-Ban RB4278 Polarised Square Sunglasses
2.Prada PR 14TS Square Sunglasses
3.Emporio Armani EA4095 Polarised Square Sunglasses
4.Persol PO3173S Square Sunglasses

So which of our four glasses were your favourite? Share your thoughts with us on how you would wear them, and don’t forget to check out our feature THRDS PICKS for further style tips.

written and pieced by Tevin Marquis




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