Our weekly “Style Guide” for the latest trends!

Each week we will be styling our THRDS presenter Mr. Jay London in four unique ways, to showcase variations of how a key item of the season can be worn. This feature is our humble way of providing our readers with different style suggestions. We hope to guide and assist you with making good fashion choices, and show how to wear your favourite pieces.


 A mac/trench coat is the perfect layering solution for this time of year. As when it rains, it pours in England, so if the well dressed man wants to stay clean and dry, he will need to be packing his mac/trench coat. While the modern trench can be known to come in almost every colour, a well dressed gent will most likely stick to that of khaki. Hence, selecting a lovely mac from British brand Villain.

the styles

Sartorial – Dapper gentleman will always prefer to have a look that upstages and embraces his presence. In the case of the Mac Jacket, yes, it is a piece that can be worn with just about anything! For this look we have kept it smart on top, with a white shirt and a smart grey waist coat from Topman. However, we’ve jazzed up the overall combination by giving Jay a bold pant option from Manuel Ritz, the checked pants add excitement to what seems quite an office look.

Trendy – Here, we have taken some risks with the overall look. We’ve started with a simple but great shirt from Universal Works. This is a brand we love at THRDS as it is great for everyday essentials. However, as we drop to the bottom half, we’ve gone a little wild teaming the white ripped jeans and then denim brogues from Doc Martins. Considering this sounds like a fashion faux pas, surprisingly the overall combination works well, and those of you who are willing to take fashion risks once in a while, you may just appreciate this.

Casual – Nothing says casual chic, like a pair of jeans & white converses, and our casual look is just that – an outfit that you feel comfortable in. We’ve placed an Elvine jumper over a Percival shirt to show that the trench is a great piece when layering. * Key point: if you are going to be layering underneath and see this piece for your winter wardrobe, perhaps consider getting a bigger size, just so that you’re not looking as though your about to explode.

Hipster – With this look, we thought about how many of our readers may feel that the mac is for those, who are dapper gents working in the city or strolling through their country manor. However, we beg to differ and hope that teaming the jacket with a Known snapback, Skinny MQT Jeans and Cat Boots, a younger looking vibe is expressed. At the end of the day, we believe that any item can work, if you’re just willing to be confident and adventurous in working out your style solutions.

However if you have your own style opinion on ‘HOW TO STYLE’ a Mac , Tweet us a photo of your full outfit choice.




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