THRDS have teamed up with the amazing Tiana ‘Major9’ Thomas. With her bold looks, original style and enchanting personality, she lights up the room, stage or wherever else you may find her. Her personal style pays homage to Hip-Hop and her sound will leave you wondering whether you are in a New Orleans Jazz club or an underground soul bar in London’s Soho. Throughout the day she was a pleasure to be around and left THRDS with a bright and cheery smile; all-in-all THRDS had a great time talking to her and learning more about her talents and personality.


So, Tiana how have you found your first THRDS shoot?
The shoot was fun, really, really fun. I love getting made up.
Who are you listening to right now?
J Hus, definitely, I love J Hus. Who else…Christian Scott he’s a jazz trumpeter he’s sick. A lot of old jazz musicians like Herbie Hancock, Chet baker, I do my research (lol).
Other than jazz what other genres would you say have an influence on your creative process?
Hip hop, definitely! I love the way hip-hop can be very unapologetic and I want to bring that into my music. I want to write about everything I feel I don’t want to feel restricted in my music. So yeah hip-hop has definitely been an influence.
Major9, that’s a reference to a musical chord, tell us a bit more about that choice?
Well, I knew I was getting into a very niche style of music, I wouldn’t say jazz isn’t talked about but how I see it is if you like jazz, you like jazz, and if you know jazz, you know jazz. So I wanted to push jazz more into the light with my name.


What’s your selection process when deciding if you want to put out a song?
If I like it. I know I’m really hard and critical on myself, so if I like it, it must be okay (lol). I question everything and just want to change everything so if I feel like it works, then ill put it out.
What are your favourite things to do outside of music?
Ooh gosh, I like to eat so I love going to restaurants. I don’t have a favourite anything so I couldn’t give you a straight answer but If I had to choose I do love Caribbean food, so if any new shops are about I’m definitely there.
You come across quite sporty and fashionable. Would you say your personal style is based more on function or fashion?
I think it’s a bit of both because I like to be comfortable I’m always in trainers, trousers and jogging bottoms and stuff that I can move around in, even though I not a dancer I don’t dance about on stage I just like to be comfortable.
What are your favourite fashion brands right now?
A few brands I like are Unif. I will never not like Unif… Nike of course, Adidas, The Ragged Priest, I could go on. 
Who would you like to collaborate with from the London scene?
I’d love to work with Shakka I think he’s amazing, also Raye she’s really good! MNEK, everyone!
Lastly where can we fin3d you in the next few months. Any EPs, gigs or video releases?
An EP, I’m not gunna put a date on it but very soon. I’ll be having a few shows here and there you can find them on my social media, my schedule’s looking a bit crazy.

Listen to the latest music from Tiana Major9

Photography by Michael Stuart Daley
Make-up by Becky Moore
Words by Tevin Marquis
Produced by O’Shaya Dawkins




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