ML – Fante Bitxh


Fante Bitxh featuring Mickey Lightfoot is a short visual piece created by THRDS. Love is something hard to find within peace and people and human living. When you know you have something truly to love, you should always do your best to keep hold of it. – Music & Life

Mickey Lightfoot, fronted by the enigmatic Osei Amponsa, has carved out a niche sound, blending post 90s soundscapes, best described as (A&B) Avant & Black. It somehow encompasses all the blurred lines, cultural exchanges and inter class trade-off’s that we’ve come to associate with London. The mantra’s positivity – manifested as some form of afro future art.

Mickey Lightfoot continues to experiment and push boundaries as part of an ever growing number of ethnic minorities in London, offering a different narrative than the lazy ones previously thrown on them, . The road ahead is an exciting one. Available to stream now is the latest EP Underwhere / Underwear. With tracks Ashanti Bitxh touching on plastic love, 126 Powman Ave touching on plastic hate and Fante Bitxh bringing the project full circle with comments of disengagement. Mickey Lightfoot is happy to bring you the first instalment of many across 2016.

ML has a full year of greatness coming to you screens, launches and live shows. So don’t sleep on what is great to come.

Filmed & Edited by Andre H.Modeste
Grade by Gavin SF
Photo by Shotbydk






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