THRDS were invited down to Cambridge to document Suprembeing’s unique art project called ‘The White Canvas Project‘ and speak with the Director of Supremebeing – David Newman about the inception and ethos of the venture. David gives us an insight to the process of picking out artists such as Will Barras, Sandra Dieckmann, Bue The Warrior, Memuco and their synergy with the brand, whilst we recap the creativity demonstration by the artists over the three day jam session mixings, the crafts of street art, painting, illustration and much more.

Through events, interactions, collaborations and opportunities the White Canvas Project brings together everything Supremebeing is involved in when it comes to art and the surrounding culture.

From the street art collections that don their office walls, to the doodle-jams that took place in their old skate shop spawning the brand they have today, Supremebeing have always had an affinity with street art and the culture in which it exists.

Providing constant inspiration for t-shirts and graphic designs, street art has helped develop Supremebeing into a full fledged clothing brand, well known for its use of colour in design.

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