The Couture That Comforts The Sleep


THRDS take pride in finding and acknowledging the work of talented and tasteful creatives and in this feature you will find exactly that. We aim to present you with some amazing fashion films from a mass selection directors and film makers a-like; this first instalment features “The Couture That Comforts The Sleep” a film created by Marcus Ebanks a London learned photographer and self taught filmmaker, born and raised in Peckham, he largely focuses on creating video work for fashion, music, behind the scenes and advertising, with a great love of late eighteenth century romanticism, and the 80-90s era of RnB, which plays off perfectly in this film.


Model – Jenya Doroe
Make up/Hair – Yun Jin Kim
Styling – Aisha Jimoh
Cinematography/Director – Marcus Ebanks





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