This week, THRDS ‘Forecast’ is showing you how to rock a 3-piece suit without going over the top. Weddings, interviews or anniversaries, we hope to have you ready for any occasion that requires an edge of sophistication.

We chose a light grey suit and waistcoat from Guide London to keep the look as simple as possible, which lets the look become a lot more versatile. A clean white Guide London shirt gives a subtle accent to the outfit ensuring you’ll be remembered for the sleek ambiance of your style. A pair of Oliver Sweeny trainers in brown, compliments the buttons on the suit and sees you through the more casual outing, but doesn’t take away from the class of the suit.  Some blue, ribbed Item M6 socks give the final details to the look, along side a brown leather strap watch from Watch Coach.

Photography by Rich Maciver
Styled by Rachel Gold 
Video by Andre H.Modeste
Words by Tevin Marquis
Modelled by Adam Chapman




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