Misha Meghna

Women of Streetwear

We’re back with a brand new exclusive visual feature: #WomenOfStreetwear. In wanting to expose their talents and hard work, THRDS team is going behind the scenes to see just how they do it. These will be pseudo documentary style visuals, focusing on women in the creative industry, who are becoming leaders in their field.

This season, THRDS are looking at women photographers, starting with Misha Meghna, a graduate in BA Media Arts. Her passion is derived from the ability to work well behind the camera, and her drive to achieve aesthetic success, through the craft of art and photography. Her career so far has seen the shoot for ASOS, Dazed & Confused, London Fashion Week, Rankin, and many more.


Tweet us your thoughts on @THRDSUK@iam_mishka with our hashtags #THRDS #WomenOfStreetwear.




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